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5 Key Eldercare Advocacy Resources

Elder care advocates educate seniors about available services and resources and assist them in applying for benefits. As a senior living in an assisted living facility, your advocate reviews insurance claims and bills and researches social and health care services for you.

Below are five essential elder care advocacy resources:

The Alzheimer’s Association is a forerunner in the bid to end the disease and other forms of dementia, focusing on research, support, and care for Alzheimer’s.

With head offices in Chicago and support groups spread across the country, the organization drives global research efforts relating to the disease, constituting a helpful and much-needed resource for anyone suffering from this senior-prone ailment.

The National Association on Aging (NCOA) was foremost in the fight to eliminate mandatory retirement.

In addition, the NCOA advocated the securing of the Older Americans Act, Medicaid, and Medicare. Over time, local organizations and senior care agencies collaborated with the NCOA, with their joint efforts resulting in better digital resources and tools to empower seniors with much-needed knowledge.

Today, the NCOA is a government institution that regularly collaborates with non-profit organizations to provide solutions and resources to ensure that seniors age with dignity.

The National Center on Elder Abuse’s primary purpose would be to serve as a resource center for seniors suffering exploitation, neglect, and abuse.

Today, the NCEA is legally grounded in the Older Americans Act as a part of the 1992 Amendments.

The NCEA’s activities are vital, given damning research indicating that up to two million elders go through different forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation in the USA.

The organization functions through a reporting mechanism known as Adult Protective Services, which has branches in each state. Individuals are encouraged to report incidents of elder abuse, with witness anonymity guaranteed.

This institution specializes in poverty advocacy for seniors. Their approach relies heavily on administrative advocacy to provide eldercare-beneficial expertise, litigation, and resources.

Justice in Aging has trained attorneys around the country, with their vast network of disability and aging lawyers and service providers helping to identify relevant eldercare problems and push for implementing government policies to cater to these issues.

The Senior Medicare Patrol is a well-funded elder care program that caters to the well-being of seniors.

They have a vast wealth of resources that they use to educate seniors and provide assistance for elder abuse in Medicare-related issues.

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