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INTUIT Investigative Resources specializes in pre-trial, in-trial and post trial investigations.



INTUIT Investigative Resources is a boutique firm with a hands-on approach where our top people oversee every client’s case. We utilize our experience, expertise, and passion to guarantee our clients the best investigative and security services available.


We have a diverse team ranging from investigators, criminologists, and criminal justice professionals to experts in the field of forensics, computer technology, as well as, trained Criminal profilers. 


You can call us with any of your investigative needs. We do the legwork and save you time by finding the evidence you are looking for quickly, ethically, and professionally. We use interviews, surveillance, criminal profiling, background checks, and document examinations (including crime scene photographs) in order to provide you with the information you need to pursue any criminal or civil legal procedure. 


With over 30 years of experience, INTUIT Investigative Resources has built an extensive network of professional relationships in the field, both nationally and internationally, which assists us in getting you the best results for your case.

You will receive a thorough investigation and provide you with the adequate consultations and legal guidance throughout the entire process


INTUIT Investigative Resources provides extensive criminal and civil background checks at the federal, state, and county levels.  We also conduct property searches, as well as employment and education history verifications, and credit checks.

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