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Our Senior Care Services

Elder Care & Hospice Case Management

We are here for you to help you through these difficult and uncertain times. Allow us to do the work for you. We are proud to provide quality and comfort with our homecare services and hospice services. We also provide the following advocacy services, but they are not limited to this list:

  • Assist you or a loved one to understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Identify doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, at-home nursing care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes

  • Evaluate and research second-opinion options

  • Oversee hospital stays and interface with the medical team in order to understand the diagnosis, testing, and treatment plan

  • Follow and navigate you or a loved one through the course to a rehab, sub-acute facility, guardianship home, guardian nursing home, or other senior care facility

  • Maintain your medical records in an organized fashion to better facilitate proper decision-making.

  • Oversight of your medical course to  reduce the risk of medical errors

  • Manage your medical expenses

  • Mediate family conflicts involving healthcare decisions

  • Assist you in finding a better and safer living situation

  • Organize and maintain your personal documents in your home

  • Help with Insurance Claims

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Our Elder Care Services

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Management of Homecare Services

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Management of
Hospice Services

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Support & Assistance with Medical Decisions

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Daily Living Management

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The Benefits of Homecare Services for the Elderly

  • Homecare services allow for a better sense of pride in oneself, independence and comfort for the care recipient. The familiarity of home is just more comfortable for one who is in a delicate situation; having that favorite chair to sit in or sleeping in your own bed can never be outweighed.

  • Research shows being at home promotes healing more quickly and comfortably than if you were to stay in a hospital or nursing home. There is a significantly lower chance of being re-hospitalized when healing at home.

  • Homecare services can offer personalized care depending on your needs and the needs of the family. This can be as simple as company and conversation or more complex such as help with a given home therapy routine or medication program.

  • A home care giver can also ensure nutritional meals are eaten and/or a diet plan is followed.

  • Homecare services are one-on-one so it gives the attention you or your loved one needs to heal properly and live comfortably.

  • Many times, a homecare service will be cheaper than utilizing a nursing or assisted living home.

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