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When Do I Need a Geriatric Care Manager?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A certified geriatric care manager is a trained professional who specializes and is certified in the care of the elderly. Usually, nurses and social workers choose to specialize in geriatrics which is the care of the elderly,

Geriatric Care Management (GCM) provides guidance, expertise, and advocacy for patients and supports their loved ones involved in their care. Geriatric Care Managers are resourceful and well-versed in working through difficult circumstances and reaching the best possible outcome. Managing a stressful situation and minimizing the stress of everyone involved is the ultimate goal. I like to refer to the role of the Geriatric Care Manager as a conduit of care. A process that runs smoothly and blossoms into the best possible outcome. Certified Geriatric Care Managers may also be members of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).

A Geriatric Care Manager Assisting an Elderly Woman

The Roles of Geriatric Care Manager

A certified geriatric care manager is obliged and committed to a high standard. The certification involves exams, professional references, criminal history, and evidence of ongoing education credits, which are monitored and required. The (GCM) certified geriatric care manager performs several roles, some of which include:

  • Conducting an assessment to determine the problems and services a senior needs

  • Talking about concerns and issues identified, concerns, and needs of the senior.

  • Making scheduled visits to check in on the senior

  • Coordinating medical services and advocating for the patient.

  • Taking note and addressing the social needs of the senior

  • Making recommendations, identifying and suggesting what services would benefit the senior

  • Creating long and short-term care plans with the senior and loved ones involved, among many others.

When Should You Get a Geriatric Care Manager?

Another important aspect of getting a certified geriatric care manager is knowing the right time to do so. Here are some situations that indicate it's time for you to hire a certified geriatric care manager:

You’re Having a Hard Time With Complex and Challenging Behavioral Problems

Older adults may develop behavioral problems that may not seem concerning at first but gradually become more pronounced and troublesome. For example, they can become more irritable, aggressive, and inappropriate, which may manifest as dementia-like symptoms.

At this point, it's best to seek professional help by speaking with a certified geriatric care manager who is experienced to handle and guide you through these troubling and overwhelming situations.

When You’re Having Communication Problems

Getting special care for older people impedes their independence. Difficulty with decision-making, executive skill, living environment negotiating, or transitioning through a medical dilemma from a hospital, rehabilitation facility, or assisted living. In these very troubling circumstances, the certified geriatric care manager can be your respected voice—a strong and knowledgeable advocate.

You’re Out of Your Element

As you begin to notice changes in an older loved one, you might be overwhelmed by what these changes represent. As a result, you may feel ill-prepared to make decisions and think out of your element.

Recognizing that professional help is needed is an appropriate time to hire a certified geriatric care manager. Your care manager will provide the proper support and counsel to help make living easier for the patient and the peace of mind of everyone involved.

Senior Care Manager Comforting an Eldery Woman

Your Loved One Needs Extra Care or a Higher Level of Care

Some older adults may need special attention or more care than they currently receive. However, identifying the need and making special and unique plans for an older person are best designed by a trained and certified professional.

A certified geriatric care manager is the best person to help you tackle these life-sustaining and quality-of-life changes. The certified geriatric care manager has an experienced and educated understanding of the system and knows the best way to make appropriate changes.

You’re Too Far Away

In cases where you live far from the older adult, monitoring and managing their health becomes more complex, even if they live in a senior community. A distance that can be as close as five miles and as far as 3000 can be challenging, depending on the needs and decline of the senior.

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Contact us today to connect with a certified geriatric care manager. We will create an individualized short and long-term care plan to target the needs of you or your loved one.



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